Product Functions

  • GPS+AGPS+ LBS +WIFI Location on Map
  • Cell phone APP or computer GPRS platform, both way to control the watch.
  • GPRS real-time locating, tracking and monitoring (Voice Care)
  • WIFI
  • Camera
  • Album
  • Phone book
  • Video Call
  • Intercom
  • Heat rate and blood pressure monitoring
  • Pedometer
  • History tracking
  • Alarm Clock
  • Geo-fence
  • SOS Emergency Call
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Remote Shutdown


Basic Watch Operations

SOS emergency alarm

Long press SOS key for 3 s, and watch screen will display SOS and the watch will enter alarm state; dial the three SOP phone numbers for two rounds on a circular basis. The dialing will be stopped once the phone is answered; otherwise, the dialing will end after two rounds. The watch can send SMS to phone number dialed (default as shutdown), and meanwhile, send alarm notice to APP.



Intercom between watch and APP: Enter Chat, press Recording key and send the recording to APP upon releasing the key


Voice monitoring

The watch needs to be designed with monitoring phone number first. Supervision phone number in Setting of SMS Reminder will be displayed by default. After APP sends instruction of enabling voice monitoring, there will be single-way conversation upon dialing of supervision phone number.



The watch can be shut down by pressing key, operating APP in remote plate or cutting off power.



App can set up 15 phone book whitelist, only the number in the phone book whitelist can call the watch

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